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    Polycon II/Thin lens Design(Fluorocon)

    US $46.99
    1 Lens per vial
Please see Ordering Instructions below:

Qty Color
Right Eye (OD)
Left Eye (OS)
Product Info. This lens matterial is compatible to Fluorocon with Thin-Lens Design. An RGP lens design that has proven its performance in over a million fits. Offers excellent oxygen transmission, superior wettability, easy cleaning and less protein binding.They are tailor made according to your prescription. Products usually ship within 2-3 business days depend on prescription. Sorry, all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

Ordering Instructions

1. *Select* the Quantity and Tint of lenses for your left and right eyes.

2. Click "Buy Now" and follow the shopping cart to complete your order.

3. Upon completion of your order, you must scan or take a picture of your prescription and email it to

A $4.00 - $35.00/lens manufacturer sucharges may apply for prescriptions requiring Power over`+` or `-` 6 diopters, aspheric/tricurve or toric designs.

Our product consultants are more than happy to assist you at 1-888-208-7013.


*BuyLensOnline is a contact lens replacement center. We can only sell you contact lenses that have been prescribed by your eye care practitioner within the last year, and with which you are wearing successfully. By continuing with the order you confirm that you are successfully wearing the selected lenses for which you have a valid prescription.

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